Benas audio design is a global company devoted to design and manufacturing of bespoke supreme quality hand-crafted hi-end loudspeakers. Everlasting passion for perfection of sonic reproduction along with scrutiny to each detail throughout product life-cycle is of paramount importance to conform to highest audio standards.

Though adherence to state of the art engineering developments to date is a crucial to outperfom prominent brands and withstand in turbulent marketplace nowadays the only genuine judge for sound quality on the top of this are senses and emotions of human being. Therefore all innovative solutions and venturesome ideas are exceptionally focused on meeting individual customer needs and expectations.

Whatever You challenge us with the most demanding selection we are kindly obliged to bring You beyond present listening experience with limitless offer for top class products.
Enjoy listening to uncompromised fidelity, distortion free sound of Benas audio design loudspeakers!




Wall mounting high sensitivity loudspeakers Aster is intended to use for primary sound reproduction in a small room or studio ambient. Combined with subwoofer it can be readily accommodated either for High-end listening or Home cinema application.
Distributed aperture down firing port is designed for clear bass reproduction. Standout clear mid and bass at a very high power levels.

Technical data

95 dB/W/m sensitivity
250 W long-term power handling
50Hz - 20 kHz +/-3dB response
MOREL Elite series tweeter is paired with professional VOLT driver with 8 kg ferrite magnet



Floor-standing loudspeakers designed for listeners in quest of particularly precise music content reproduction within full audible frequency range.
Cabinets can be fitted for 50 sq. m. room space. Moreover HF attenuator for +/-3dB linear adjustment will ease the task to commensurate with any room properties, connected amplifiers and cables.
Holographic image is obtained by symmetric construction. The down firing port is designed to achieve even distribution of the lowest frequencies.

Technical data

88 dB/W/m sensitivity
250 W long-term power handling
21Hz 22 kHz -3dB response



Floor-standing loudspeakers designed for audiophile experts expecting for emotional and dynamic music listening experience. Uncompromised quality crossover components ensures high fidelity sonic reproduction.
Couple of embedded 300W Class AB PRO amplifiers facilitates extensive adjustment for all size of room space. 2 Scan-Speak woofers are in active connection and paired with 2 Satori Egyptian Papyrus Cone Woofers. Morel Elite textile dome tweeters are hosted for accurate high frequency response.

Technical data

92 dB/W/m sensitivity of passive part
16 Hz - 22 kHz +/-3dB response



Floor-standing loudspeakers designed for faithful audiophile experts seeking uncompromised sonic fidelity. Supreme quality crossover components ensures precise reproduction in 3 way system with active bass.
For cinema oriented application particular purpose PRO folded high frequency tweeter is fitted. For audiophile intended application a ribbon driver is selected.
A banana-pulp paper Fostex Sigma driver renders subtle nuances within 300-8000Hz band.
500W class AB MOSFET amplifier with variable EQ and crossover cutoff crowns the system.

Technical data

95 dB/W/m sensitivity of passive part
24 Hz - 25 kHz +/-3dB response



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