Our story

Our genuine passion for perfection of sonic reproductionas well as the everlasting devotion to discover state of the art engineering solutions, to learn, sense, perceive,experiment and try to resurrect or develop from scatchgave us exceptional opportunity to design and manufacture bespoke supreme quality hand-crafted hi-end loudspeakers as well individual sound installation solutions recognized nowadays worldwide.

Though adherence to the highest audio standards and scrutiny to each detail in the whole design & manufacture cycleis of paramount importance we truly believe that the even-handed ultimate judge for sound quality on the top of this are senses and emotions of human being.

Music is a core human experience, a way to express oneself and feelings, release emotions, a remedy to get through bad day or benefit to enjoy a flash of inspiration. The same meaning is of flowers. They attend us in a joyful moments as well sad occasions throughout the whole lifetime. ‚Flowers are a perfect replica of human life‘. They evoke sentiments when blooming, the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner. They as music have a language of their own.

That is how we came to the idea to twin music and flowers for a perfect harmony, a supreme blend of bliss foremotions and senses. Sound can be as delicate as petal of aster,so emotional as nelumbofloating moony on the river. It can be so sensitive that You can almost scent it like a spicy smell ofdianthus.

Inspire Yourself, dream away, feel a peaceful satisfaction with uncompromised fidelity, distortion free sound in cosy ambient of home place.